Easy $10 Outdoor Compost Bin

As many of you already know, I try to live as sustainably as possible. I grow as much of my own food as I can (a work in progress), re-use my weekly vegetable scraps to make stock, and I compost. Since I just moved across the country, again, I needed to start composting again. But money is tight and I have a rental property. This means that I needed to find a way to compost using the space that I have close to my house in a non-intrusive way, in other words, I need to not dig holes or kill any of the precious grass.

2018-10-21 (1).jpg

It turns out that you can buy rolls of chicken wire at Lowe’s for $8, 50 ft by 2 ft. I bought one of these and wrapped it around to be about 3 ft in diameter. I made two circles and twisted the ends together on opposite sides and started wrapping the rest of the wire around, which made about four and a half circles around. After that, I secured the layers together at the middle with zipties, which account for the other $2 in this project.


For those who don’t know how to compost, you need a pretty equal number of “browns” and “greens.” Browns are leaves, grass clippings, soil, paper, and cardboard. Browns break down into carbon mostly. Greens are vegetable and fruit scraps. They mostly break down into nitrogen. A healthy, happy compost pile needs both. So, when you add greens, throw in a handful of leaves, paper, or cardboard.

It is also helpful if your compost is able to be moist, but it shouldn’t hold standing water. The chicken wire is just enough to keep the scraps and dirt in without retaining any water. In a few months, I will post more pictures to update you on how my compost bin is doing. Happy Composting!