Chatting with Cedric

The Writing for Children podcast inspired me to do character interviews, and I am going to begin with Cedric. Interviewing a bear can be tricky though, so here goes! 

Sara: Hi, Cedric. Tell me about yourself.

Cedric: Hi, there. What do you want to know?

Sara: What brought you to the forest? 

Cedric: The circus dropped me off here after an accident. 

Sara: How long have you been here? What happened?

Cedric: I've been here for almost ten years. 

Sara: Do you want to tell me about the accident?

Cedric: Oh, not really. I can though. It's not that complicated. A burning building fell on top of me. 

Sara: Okay, thank you. We don't have to talk about it. 

Cedric: No problem. 

Sara: What is your first memory of the forest? Were you afraid?

Cedric: It was very dark, but I wasn't afraid, just very lonely. Luckily, I can sleep anywhere. I just curled up under a tree and slept until morning. I woke up to Alize tapping on my forehead. She's been my best friend ever since. 

Sara: A bird and a bear. Describe your friendship. 

Cedric: Every morning since we met, Alize is the first face I see in the morning. She comes and sings outside my cave until I wake up. We sit and watch the sun rise through the trees together. Sometimes we talk. Sometimes we don't. 

Sara: What is your favorite thing about Alize?

Cedric: This may sound cliche since she is a canary, but she is like a little drop of sunshine. She always brightens my day. 

Sara: Do you have any hobbies? 

Cedric: I collect things. 

Sara: What kind of things? 

Cedric: Just anything I find by the road. So far I have a couch, a broken TV, and an old car. 

Sara: You don't think someone might come back for the car? 

Cedric: Well, they left it there for a few days, so I guess not. 

Sara: How long have you had it?

Cedric: About two months. 

Sara: Finders keepers, I suppose. 

Cedric: If anyone ever comes for it, I'll happily give it back.

Sara: Do you have anything to say about Gizmo? You were the first to welcome him to the forest. 

Cedric: Well, to avoid giving away the plot of your book, I'll just say that Gizmo grew up a lot during his time in the forest. I am happy to have helped him along his way. 

Sara: Do you think people are going to like Gizmo's story?

Cedric: Well, yes, mam. I think they will!

Sara: Thank you, Cedric. I'll see you around. 

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